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Irresistible attraction

Out for a bit of shopping on Saturday and noticed the following “evidence” that things are not quite as bad as the media would have us believe:

  1. a new Starbucks has opened on the main A30 link road that runs down the Cornish peninsula

  2. Truro city centre was packed – my first attempt to park turned into a slow and frustrating climb all the way up and all the way down the main centre car park – not a parking spot in sight and so we had to drive to an alternative car park out of the centre – thats the first time in 4 years it has happened

  3. plenty of people seem quite happy to pay £3.00 for a coffee and the same again for a panini or a cake – whether its Starbucks (the other one in the county) or Costa Coffee

  4. Called in to the Comet superstore out of town on the way back to Falmouth. They have a wide range of plasma and LCD TV’s on special offer – notably a great deal on a 40″ Sony TV that you can read here.

  5. I was chatting to one of the more senior assistants at 3.00pm and they had already sold 20 of this model that day and were out of stock until a new shipment arrived early in the week – 20 TV’s at £600 each – not bad eh?

I think it proves a point I’ve been trying to make for some weeks now.

That in a recession, consumers don’t want to stop spending money – they just want to focus on the things they really want and need PLUS they want to be rewarded for making the purchasing decision:

  1. unbeatable price

  2. limited availability

  3. and Comet were offering a BluRay player at £99 if you bought the Sony TV

They were just making it a KEDO - irresistibly attractive.

What’s irresistibly attractive about your offer this week?

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