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Invent : Innovate : Automate - and know when to delegate

Type 1 - the inventor. There are some folks who have amazing minds that can imagine new ideas into being and experiment until they have an MVP (minimum value proposition). They tend to be pretty rubbish at making their ideas practical or commercial.

Type 2 - the innovator. There are some folks who are never happier than when they are starting something new. They love to take an invention and turn it into a practical and commercial reality. They tend to find that once the new thing is off the runway, they get bored with it and want to move on to the next innovation.

Type 3 - the automator. There are some folks who are never happier than when they are running things that stay the same. They love groundhog days and tend to be resistant to change, preferring the status quo.

Inventors need to delegate the application of their creations to innovators.

Innovators need to get the inventions off the runway and then quickly delegate their work to automators. Frequently, they have to persuade the automator to change.

Automators need to be left alone to get on with it.

I'm an innovator. I delegate to automators all the time, so that I can focus on my unique abilities.

Which type are you?

p.s. the challenge facing corporates (and the reason that the smaller independent will always prosper) - automators working for automators.

p.p.s. the challenge facing you as your business gets bigger - you stop innovating and the automators take over.

Never stop innovating.

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