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In the last 24 hours I have been interviewed by two coaches over the telephone. 1. Last night with James Smith in America on the subject of “creating nourishing work environments”: This reminded me of just how much trouble I go to in creating physical spaces where I can do my best work. When I am on business development days I want to work in an office environment that thrills me when I arrive, whether that’s a professional office or a home based office. To suit my style (I’m a Virgo) neat, tidy and with plenty of personal nick nacks, as well as the best of technology. I have even put together a written summary of the “perfect workshop room” that my team send to the venues we use around the UK and the globe. 2. This morning, with Tessa Stowe in Australia on the subject of “Getting Known Fast” – how to develop visibility in your niche market. My reminder here was of the sheer hard work that I have invested in lead generation over the last 8 years by speaking publicly at a multitude of dental and coaching conferences. On both calls I have repeated my current frustration with the “snake oil” merchants who are selling get-rich-quick schemes to gullible and/or desperate coaches who are looking to build their practices too rapidly. It’s taken me 9 years to become visible in UK dentistry and we never falter in our efforts – to do so would be dangerous. I love these interviews – they are so much fun and give me immense pleasure. Questions for you: 1. Are you working in the best environment possible to bring out the best in you? 2. Are you visible in your niche or in your community?

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