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Initiative? Get real.

Its been 12 years now that the same phone call or email has arrived on a regular basis:

I’ve created the protocols, we arranged the training, we all agreed that we were going to do it this way – and then I find that it hasn’t been done the way we agreed. Why can’t people follow the systems? Why don’t they do it the way we agreed? Why don’t they use their initiative?

So, once again, I have to remind you that if everyone in your team had 100% initiative, they would all be running their own businesses. Armies have the Sergeant Major to train and drill the troops into repetition in the face of bombardment – and they still have to nag the soldiers to get things done. The officers don’t do the training, the drill or the nagging. In a dental business you have a practice manager to do that – not by SHOUTING at the team but by training them, drilling them (the dreaded role play) and nagging them. If you don’t train, drill and nag – then the protocols will not be followed. The troops will just fall asleep in the trenches. Your surveillance never ends – never. How many times do I have to say this!!!!!!!

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