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Industry advert: BDHF image request

My name is Karen Coates and I am Dental Advisor for The British Dental Health Foundation and as you are probably aware, we provide resources for the profession and other organisations to help to raise awareness of oral health matters. We would love to be able to increase the amount of resources that we produce ‘in-house’ however we are struggling to find images that we are able to use. We wondered if you knew of any dentists that would be happy to donate any images to the Foundation? In particular, images of dental erosion, gum disease, teens teeth, ortho but we would be very grateful for any images which we could add to our rather dated library. If you could help the Foundation at all please contact me at or 01788 539784. By donating your photographs to the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) you will have given permission for the BDHF to use, duplicate and copy the aforementioned material. The BDHF will only use the photographs or images to accompany their educational resources and will not use them for any other means. The BDHF will not pass on any of your images to third party companies, with the exception of a customer purchasing a temporary online licence for BDHF educational resources. In this case, the images will only be used for educational purposes and will prevent third parties using your photographs for advertising or commercial gain. The BDHF acknowledges you as the owner of the intellectual property rights of the material.

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