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In Dubai, en route to South Africa

What fascinates me this morning in Dubai, waiting for my connecting flight to Johannesburg, is the sheer volume and variety of humanity passing through the terminals and the bewildering list of destinations on the departures board.

I’ve decided to dog-leg my journey to South Africa, simply because “points make prizes” and I’m accumulating Emirates air miles at some pace this year.

The great news from my hosts overnight is that the tour is over-subscribed.

Team CB have been busy overnight, ordering some extra handouts to be printed and delivered locally.

Frankly, I’m buzzing at the thought of meeting a completely new audience and healthily apprehensive, hoping that my observations and ideas will transfer.

I’ve been looking at economic and demographic statistics on South Africa and I’m confident that we are all pretty much the same nowadays.

Boarding in 30 minutes for my next leg and I’ll be visiting my first practice tomorrow morning; working with my first audience tomorrow night.

I’ll keep you posted.

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