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Working with our first group of Breathe Business Club clients in Edinburgh yesterday, we challenged them to use their imagination – and describe what their net asset value and business would look like “when it was complete”. An interesting observation was that the scope of the client’s imagination increased in direct proportion to the amount of time we have been working with them. So here’s a realisation on my part. That the benefit of working with a coach is that your own capacity to imagine a better future for yourself expands. And also that, in the early days, you hire a coach who has a bigger imagination for you than you have yourself. The coach sees a potential within you that you haven’t realised. Oh – and we asked them all (after capturing those visions) what the biggest roadblocks were. You know what the answer was?

“My own ability”

So a coach:

  1. sees your potential more clearly then you do

  2. believes in your ability to fulfil that potential

  3. shares tips, tactics, strategies to get there

  4. encourages and makes you accountable and

  5. ulitimately hands you back your own imagination

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