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If it’s Friday I must be in Birmingham

After yesterday’s Leeds workshop I drove into the City Centre to visit with existing Bespoke clients Jack Cooke and Richard Moon. For the last year I have been working with them on their other practices at Ashby Dental and Wetherby Orthodontics – my work is done there.

So now we are entering into year 2 of Bespoke coaching (and year 3 as clients) and they have asked me to switch the focus of my attention to The Headrow Dental Practice in the city.I visited the practice first – a lot less horrible than I had expected.

It’s very tired and needs a complete corporate makeover (you can see photographs on my Facebook site).We discussed and agreed a short-term fix in the reception area whilst planning permission comes through for a much more extensive refurbishment starting in 2008.

The team are excited and apprehensive at my arrival.Our conversations continued over dinner at Brown’s piano bar and I eventually pulled out of the city at 8.30pm to begin a 2-hour drive South to the Forest of Arden hotel.Good conversation with Ashley Latter on the way down.

He is much recovered from last week – although we commiserated that he was celebrating his 43rd birthday in a hotel bar in Bournemouth, alone with a pint and a burger.

Our joint grumble about the loneliness of the long-distance coach continues.

Arrive at 10.30pm to unpack, press my shirt, clean my shoes and walk downstairs for a nightcap.

The bar is heaving with drunken reps who have been at a sales dinner.About turn.Back up to my room to watch the end of Question Time in bed.Whilst all of this was happening – the team are launching Breathe Business at the BACD.

A pallet arrives with 900 copies of all of our new stuff – and we are born – in shocking pink!

I’ll be down there tomorrow and will send you some pictures.

For now – emails all done – time to shower and prepare for the day ahead – last marketing workshop of the week and then a Friday evening drive down to London with Alun Rees as welcome company.

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