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If Apple made dental treatment plans

Do you, like me, keep the packaging from your Apple products, simply because it is beautiful?

Do you, like me, love the tactile experience of unpacking the box – and the “sigh” as the lid slides sensually open?

Do you, like me, believe that you can positively differentiate yourself from the competition by delivering an exceptional customer service experience as well as clinical excellence?

Do you, like me, understand that if you give patients something to talk about, they will?

So do the team at The Campbell Clinic.

With their permission – I present “The Box” – the packaging with which all of their treatment plans are issued – and on the USB stick – a full treatment plan, photographs, x-rays and even a video blog from the clinician.

Compare this with your treatment plans.

The cost?

£10.00 a box.

The raw materials?

Time and effort to engage your imagination.

The desire, dare I say it – to think outside The Box?

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