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I wish I had kept everything

Yesterday I was congratulating a coach client on the success he has enjoyed in practice development since launching his first ezine just 6 months ago. “26 weeks and 26 issues” he said and then went on to describe how the ezine had opened doors for him even where he didn’t know there were doors! His next question was about the creation of archives for the ezine and also any other material he created that might be of use to future visitors (and have the potential for passive income streams). I reflected that my first snail mail newsletter was issued as a financial planner in the early 1990’s – that I’ve been scribbling away, both physically and virtually, for over 10 years now. And then I did “wish” that those early newsletters were still available to me as a resource – rather than having been lost in office moves and unprotected hard-disk crashes. So my tip for the day is for you to collect everything you produce – even if it means a garage full of ring binders with printed ezines. I am somewhat of a Luddite and still think that, no matter how many back-up systems you have on-line or to disk, that the printed material has a certain tangible security.

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