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I want to work for your dental practice in 2021

I’d like to apply for a job at your practice please - will you take a few moments to consider my application?

Job Title: Business and Personal Coach;

Start date: 1stJanuary 2021;

Duration: 12 months (but you can fire me any time you like if I don’t meet your expectations);

Salary: £3,600 per annum all in (that’s just £300 per calendar month) - and there will be no NIC. The money you pay me will, of course, be fully tax deductible;

Benefits: I do not require any health insurance, pension, life cover, expenses, bonus or an invite to next year’s Christmas party;

Working conditions: I don’t need an office, a desk, chair, smartphone or computer, a uniform, a locker, any business cards - oh - and you don’t need to be nice to me if you aren’t happy;

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