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I've still not made it through the door at The Showcase

The whole working day on Thursday was spent in my hotel. The morning on-line and on the phone. The afternoon in a meeting with my fellow “plotters” in our Producer Group project. We began our conversation at 12.30pm and ended at 5.00pm, after considering issues around equity, seed capital, services to be provided, pilot practices and next steps. John Barry and I have been “around the vision roundabout” (as I call it) enough times now – we know we have a good idea and it’s time for some action – so we are each to approach 3 of the practices we serve in our respective day jobs and ask them to help us pilot systems. At last – some action I can get my teeth into. Dinner last night was something I was not looking forward to – I’m not a good social networker and wanted nothing more than a quiet meal in my room and an early night. But duty called and I hauled myself downstairs at 8.00pm (avoiding the casino laid on by Braemar Finance!) and walked over to a nearby restaurant, the Nakhon Thai Waterfront

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