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I’m not dead- I’m marketing. Not dead…

just mad busy – so apologies for the lack of recent posts. I feel as if I ought to have told you all about BACD and my adventures in Manchester and Halifax this week so far.I’m working flat out and finding time for blog posts difficult – but I’ll be back.

Sales continue into Breathe Business and our BACD launch was a success.The brochures arrived in Hammersmith last Thursday – I saw them for the first time on Friday night.

I realised that I have a business vision again for the first time in 4 years – and I’m enthused and on fire with the potential.

Working with ServiceMasters International in Birmingham today – my last workshop for the largest industrial contract cleaning company in the UK – making their heads ache with elevator speeches and the difference between commodities and processes.Commodities are measured by function and price.

Experiences and Processes are the way in which you receive the outcome that you desire.

Marketing is about knowing what your customers want, making it easy for them to get it and making your solution irresistibly attractive to them.

Marketing is about establishing barriers to entry for those you do not want to serve.Marketing is about making your offer easy to access and irresistibly attractive.My head is bursting with ideas….

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