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"I'm lucky - I still have a job to go to."

Private dentistry is doing very well.

September sales were at record levels, new patient enquiries are pouring in and books are full.

The questions I'm being asked are around "zoning", so that Principals can allocate sufficient time to deliver higher-value treatment and ask fellow clinicians to take more of the preventative maintenance work.

Practices are recruiting new team members for non-clinical roles (including TCO) from the rapidly collapsing retail and hospitality sectors.

The "newbies" are a breath of fresh air, bringing an understanding of customer service and interpersonal skills.

In the midst of this, some existing team members are taking sickness absence, claiming stress-related anxiety - and GPs seem more than ready to hand out generous fit notes.

Whilst I sympathise with those who have genuine issues with their mental health (as well as challenges at home), my feedback from clients is that significant numbers are crumbling under the pressure a little too quickly.

Given the daily news on rising unemployment, this might be a good time to be thankful that you do have a job, no matter the challenges required in getting through the day - and also to consider the healthy competition represented by your new colleagues.

It seems the offer of a £1,000 bonus at the end of January for those Employers who avoid redundancies may be losing its lustre.

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