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I just said “goodbye” to 72% of my audience – and why I’m celebrating

It’s GDPR Day!

After 10 days of deleting the increasingly desperate emails from all and sundry begging us to re-subscribe to their missives, we are now free from GDPR-mania and can get on with our lives.

We collected the votes of the Coach Barrow newsletter audience last night and discovered the following:

  1. pre-GDPR Mailchimp database 3129

  2. Unsubscribed 135 (5%)

  3. Didn’t bother responding 2114 (67%)

  4. Resubscribed 880 (28%)

I’m calling my psychologist this morning to book and appointment so that I can cry about the 135 people who actively bothered to remove me from their lives, then deal with the deep rejection I feel about the 2114 who couldn’t even be bothered.


I’m celebrating the fact that 880 people think that what I have to say is of sufficient interest that, even in the midst of the GDPR fiasco, they took the trouble to stay connected with me.

Choice (as Stephen Covey said all those years ago) is what we have between stimulus and response.

I choose to celebrate GDPR and the opportunity it has given me to identify the folks who really care.

I also choose to appreciate the work done back-stage by Kim Black to make my newsletter, blog and web site GDPR compliant whilst I was on the road.

A round of applause please for all those long-suffering Practice Managers who have been wrestling with this – as if they haven’t got enough to do already.

Now – let’s get on with building our businesses and delivering high quality customer service and clinical care shall we?

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