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An interview with Gemma Cockburn

Aged only 25 Gemma Cockburn purchased her first Dental Practice and 15 years later she still runs the same Practice. She has built up Chapel Street Dental through her tremendous work ethic and absolute dedication to her very loyal patient base. Gemma is now married and has two children and if you are looking at creating more balance in your life, then you will love this interview. 

You are probably wondering what our podcast title is about? During lockdown Gemma wrote a book - The Covid Dentist Workbook - and she has another (free!) book just out last Friday - The Happy Dentist Workbook.

Gemma is a very unique individual and we loved this conversation.

Here is what you will discover in this podcast:

  • The importance of valuing yourself and your self-worth 

  • Out of every mistake there are only lessons and opportunities 

  • How to cope with challenging days

  • The importance of looking after yourself to maintain work/life balance 

  • Coping strategies to avoid mental health issues

  • How to say NO and feel okay with it 


Listen below or on your favourite podcast player.

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