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I can’t believe its Thursday…..

and I haven’t written a blog entry, recorded my podcast or written my ezine this week. Because we have been on tour with Better Practice in Dentistry and I have been presenting to audiences all over the UK on Pricing and Selling Dentistry.

There is no doubt that the tour has been a great success on each day and has created many new enquiries for The Dental Business School.

All because of a Strategic Alliance with Dr Roy Higson and the team at Stockport Dental Seminars, who have the best mailing list in the business.

It took me 4 years to develop the relationship and now its paying off.

And I am being very well paid this week as well.

Massive interest in the DBS and a clear indication that dentists around the UK are finally “giving up” on the Governments Health service proposals and looking to convert their patients to private treatment.

I am truly exhausted after 4 weeks “on the road” and looking forward to some sleep!

Covey calls this harvest time – it cannot be sustained for more than a month – but it sometimes has to happen.

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