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Human Interest Marketing – Part 9

A critical moment in Human Interest Marketing is when the patient has reached the end of a course of cosmetic treatment and are about to experience the reveal of their new smile.

Sometimes, as in the case of orthodontic treatment, this is a very dramatic occasion – at other times more subtle.

This is the moment where an effective End of Treatment Conversation can do wonders for your marketing collateral.

The script for that conversation has become one of my most popular hand outs after public speaking and so I’m going to repeat the latest version here in it’s entirety (recently updated to reflect my earlier comments on the growing importance of reviews).

Before we read the script, a word about accountability.

There is no point in waiting for this conversation to just happen.

As I will mention in Part 10, a common mistake is to assume that the team will get this done spontaneously. Not so – in the hubbub of the day, your team members will assume that this is another person’s responsibility.

So you MUST agree (preferably at the start of the day) who is going to be responsible for having this EOT conversation with any identified patients in the day list.

Here goes….

So Mr. Patient, now that we have arrived at the end of your course of treatment, I’d like to ask a couple of questions:
  1. Are you happy with the clinical outcome?

  2. Are you happy with the customer service that the team have delivered? If so, I’d like to ask 3 favours.

  3. we are growing the practice at the moment, we are looking for new patients and would love to see more people like you, because we like you! Would it be OK to give you three of my referral business cards to pass on to any family, friends or colleagues who may be interested in visiting our practice?

  4. We have noticed that online reviews are growing in importance and would like to invite you to submit a review of your experience on Google, Facebook or any other review site that you may be connected to. We have a brief printed guide showing how to create those reviews and I’d like to give you a copy of that guide now;

  5. we also love to collect testimonials from happy patients, they are great for our marketing and can also give confidence to others who may be nervous. We find that 90% of those who do consent to a testimonial prefer a written commentary, as they are uncomfortable if there is a video camera recording, whereas 10% are happy to be filmed and photographed. May I ask – are you a 90%’er or a 10%’er?

  6. If a 90% I’d love to organise a written testimonial from you

  7. If a 10%, we would like to invite you to one of our quarterly video testimonial evenings here at the practice. Every 3 months we set aside some time early evening and invite 4-6 of our 10%’ers to come along for some light refreshments and to have their photograph taken professionally (at our expense), then to be filmed for 4 minutes or so. The questions we ask on video are

  8. How did you find us originally?

  9. what was it that had you looking?

  10. How was your customer service experience?

  11. What difference did the treatment make?

  12. It would be lovely to invite you to our next event – the dates are……

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