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How to take 12 weeks vacation every year

Get the dates booked in your calendar.

I can remember a time when I used to take a 3-day break every August and work on my financial targets, my calendar (Free, Focus and Bunker Days) and my personal and professional goals for the following year.

The August Retreat. That was when I booked my holiday weeks. Those who follow this blog will know that it has been 12 weeks holiday a year since 1996.

Last week, Phillippa asked me to get my holidays sorted out for 2024, so that she could arrange our client workshops around them - and because we are getting bookings already for speaking.

So yesterday I sat down with Annie and we discussed and agreed my 12 weeks of vacation for next year. In March!

Annie has a job and doesn't get that much paid holiday but we have always agreed to spend as much time together as possible and then, if necessary, I'll either go off on my own adventures or simply take a week at home to rest.

It made me pause for thought that our lives have become so busy that we have to plan that far in advance and also reminded me of an old adage that "he who controls the agenda, controls the meeting".

I often hear business owners tell me some version of "I couldn't possibly take that much time off".

Simply not true - the reality is that you book the time and then reverse engineer your business, your team, your finances and yourself in order to make that possible.

Come on - life genuinely is too short - get your holidays booked.

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