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How to recruit Ideal Associates

Yesterday we listened to Neil Harris for his final (7th) presentation of "The Self-Managing Business".

One of his topics is how he recruits young dentists to become salaried apprentices.

  • Buy a burner phone and use that number in adverts;

  • Ask candidates to call the number and leave a 2-minute message on why they should be considered for an interview;

  • Advertise the position as:

  • Full time;

  • Employed and salaried;

  • 1 day a week shadowing the Principal;

  • Bonus for production;

  • Development into an associate role (if they are the right fit);

  • Win:Win;

  • Daily production targets;

  • Banded monthly payments;

  • Mentored through to bigger cases;

  • No fees for internal lab work;

  • Loyalty bonus.

Neil shared his associate profitability spreadsheet, ensuring that every fee-earner generates profit - no loss-leaders in his business.

He also shared his Salaried Apprentice Dentist contract.

"We are in the middle of a recruitment crisis. How do you attract the right people?" asked a client.

"Set the bar high and be patient."

My thanks yet again to Neil for what has been an outstanding workshop tour.

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