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How to hit your production targets with an avulsion fracture

Back in Edinburgh this morning for our Extreme Business 100 workshop (day 1 of 2) and I'll be introducing Dr. Neil Harris, HRS Dentalcare, who will be lifting the bonnet on his business and sharing:

  • how to operate a hygiene-based preventative maintenance programme (he hasn't done a "check up" in the last 14 years);

  • how to recruit and develop salaried apprentice dentists and evolve them into a super-productive and loyal associates;

  • how to most effectively deploy your TCO;

  • zoning for maximum production per day;

  • financial modeling to ensure the profitability of every surgery, every day;

  • the 2023 digital workflow for Smile Design, Clear Aligners, Crowns and Full-Mouth Rehabs;

  • marketing in 2023 - in spite of recession

.....and we will be sharing a host of templates, protocols and spreadsheets.

Neil injured himself last week in Zermatt (hence my title) and made ONE PHONE CALL from Switzerland to his Practice Manager, to rezone the diary and ensure that HRS will still hit revenue targets during his convalescence.

That's a self-managing business.

I cannot wait (again) to see the looks on my owners and managers faces by 17:00 this evening.

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

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