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How to grow a squat business with zero marketing budget

The success of your internal marketing is based upon the 3 R's:

  • Reviews

  • Referrals

  • Recommendations

Yesterday I recorded episode 3 of our brand new Facial Aesthetics Business Development Programme with Sonia Rishi, co-founder of Skin & Sanctuary in Hackney, East London.

I'm so excited about this new programme because, instead of theory, Sonia has allowed us to "lift the lid" and take a look under the bonnet at her business development.

The business is 4 years old and has grown from zero patients to success, in spite of a set of personal and professional obstacles that would have left most people burned out and disillusioned.

In amongst all of that is her story of how to grow a patient database when, on day one, you simply have no money left.

Extreme Business Academy members will have to wait until September for the story (it's fascinating and inspirational) but I can share with you that it was "The 3 R's" that made the difference.

Questions for you this morning:

  1. Do you habitually request reviews from every patient?

  2. Do you ask your patients to refer their family, friends and colleagues?

  3. Do you ask local businesses in your community to share your details with their clients?

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