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How to fail your finals and still be President - a conversation with Amit Patel

Dr. Amit Patel is registered with the General Dental Council as a Specialist in Periodontics. Alongside his private practice, he also works as Associate Specialist in Periodontics and Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Birmingham Dental School. His special interests are dental implants, regenerative and aesthetic periodontics.

He is currently President of the ADI (and a Star Wars fan!).

In this fascinating and very authentic interview, you will learn that Amit is one of the most resilient people you will ever meet and his motto is that if you don't succeed, then never give up, and try again. You will always get a second opportunity.

You will discover,

  • How he arrived in dentistry rather reluctantly and struggled through his early years;

  • The importance of pace, not race;

  • Why you should never compare yourselves to other people, be your own person and progress at your own speed;

  • Why getting knocks is good for your character ;

  • Why you should go out and find mentors that can help you grow in your career;

  • The one important trait of owning your own Dental Practice;

  • The importance of humility.

Listen via your favourite podcast player or below.

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