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How To | Construct A Powerful 3 Year Vision

Do you have an inspiring and compelling vision of the future? For your business? For your personal life? This might be a lot for people to take on board, but here’s the truth: You CAN design the perfect life and you CAN design the perfect business and you CAN have it.

How does it sound to you to be earning plenty of money, working 40 weeks a year?

Inviting? This is not a dream – it is achievable. It won’t happen overnight, but – with some planning and hard work – it can be a reality in 3 years time.

The GYYIG question: “What would have to happen for you to be earning as much as you like, doing what you love, working 40 weeks a year?

Note: Remember your goals can relate to work, financial, family, physical, social, intellectual or spiritual matters. When you have your vision, share it with your business associates and support team. Let them know what your intentions are and where the business is going. Have them understand that they are all part of the process and that there will be compensation for them as they work towards its success.

Tip: Book a 2-3 day retreat so that you can work intensively – and without interruption – on your detailed 3 year vision. Get a very clear picture of where you intend to be 3 years from now. Book the time to do this. Make the commitment

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