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How not to be a d&*k through your dental career (a.k.a. what’s coming next for young dentists a

On Monday 10th October Chris Barrow and Colin Campbell have been invited to speak to a group of new graduates at a charity event in London.

It’s going to be a ‘no holds barred’ event where Barrow and Campbell discuss what they think will happen in dentistry in the next five – ten years according to their perspective.

Who are Barrow and Campbell? The first has been coaching top dentists on the business-end of things for 23 years, the second has built a successful specialist referral clinic, a post-graduate academy and writes one of the most popular blogs in dentistry.

What do they have in common? BOP – a reputation for being bold, outrageous and provocative in all they say about the past, present and future.

We guarantee that you will either love or hate them – there will be no middle ground.

Included in their presentations will be the following topics:

  1. The £30,000 a year salaried associate – you had better get used to it;

  2. The collapse of corporate dentistry and the bubble bursting on property prices.

  3. The future prospects for the young dental associate.

  4. The rise of a new kind of dental corporate – with a heart.

  5. What Prethics is all about and why you ignore it at your peril.

  6. Why dental marketers are liars and how to avoid getting fleeced.

  7. The dangers of posting Facebook selfies at the wheel of your Ferrari.

  8. A potential road map for exceptional young dentists to have an extraordinary career and life.

Probably not to missed by anybody within the vicinity. The price is £2 a ticket. Definitely not to be missed by anyone at dental school or in the first five years of their career. You will learn things that are to your advantage I promise.

Date: Monday 10th October from 6-7:30/8 pm (including questions-can be flexible on time ) Location: New Hunts House Lecture Theatre 1, Guys Campus (closest station: London Bridge) Charity: Akshaya Patra. I have organised talks across King’s before, and I will charge £2 for this talk with all the money going towards Akshaya Patra, a charity that provides children in India with school meals thus keeping them in education. Last year, from all the talks alone we managed to raise enough money to adopt a school for a year and I am trying to support the charity further this year.

For details contact

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