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Hotel key cards

It could have been any Hilton hotel – I’ve been travelling for hours after a busy workshop, I’m tired and I have to wait 15 minutes to check in. My room is on the 5th floor – right at the end of the corridor – so I drag my bags to the lift, along the corridor and slide the key card into the lock. Red light. No problem – I know about this – that’s why I asked for a second key card – in it goes. Red light. Yet again – what follows is a scene of mid-life cardiac inducing stress as I furiously slide both cards in and out, shouting obscenities at the door. Regain my composure. Calmly walk down the corridor and pick up house phone. Call Janet on reception and ask to be let in my room. Wait in corridor with bags – accept stares of passing guests. Janet arrives with a new key card. Yet again she tells me “we have this problem all the time – its the mobile phones that affect the cards.” So change the cards Hilton – please. Before I do some damage.

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