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Home stretch

A crazy week of travel but “mission accomplished” as prospective partners in a new business venture are engaged in further conversation, pending formal contractual proceedings. I’m sorry to be so tantalising but there is still a veil of confidentiality in place – I can promise you that then this “breaks” there will be mentions in all of the dental media and forums. Today I am attending a Discovery Day in Bath with one of the generous practices who became Bridge2Aid Unity Partners in return for some of my coaching time. After all these years, i still enjoy the challenge of meeting a brand new “patient” and determining what their bigger future could look like. Then it will be off to the Practice Plan Club Weekend in Barcelona to catch up with old friends and new, before we head for Lake Maggiore for a week of family downtime – much needed. There is just so much to look forward to at the moment: • Barcelona/Italy – sleep! • a busy calendar on my return • a revision of my product/service offer and revamp of the web site with Krish and the team at Dental Focus • the continued re-launch of The Dental Business School • Kilimanjaro (6 weeks) • moving house back to Manchester (8 weeks) • Project Smile (as mentioned above) • developing a new e-learning platform • working with Andy Lane on PrivateVT • exploring some new and innovative ways of funding and supporting new private squats and all of that in addition to the daily cut and thrust of business coaching – practices and owners having their best and worst years and yours truly in the thick of it. There have been times this week when I’ve wondered whether I would collapse with exhaustion – but the fact is that this is a blast – made better by the people I work with. Before I do sign off, I want to thank Team CB and the unflappable Phillippa Goodwin for their continued and unconditional support. Now then – “how can I help?”

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