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Hey Mr. Sunak - a message from a Mancunian

It is a rare thing for me to comment on politics. Hard enough even to get me work up the enthusiasm to vote.

Last week I had to listen to Rishi Sunak talking to me (all of us) about delaying "net zero" as if I was dim-witted.

That condescending tone of voice, the idiotic slogans.

"Long term decisions for a brighter future."


How's about:

"Short term decisions for the next election."

Does he really believe that we are that stupid? Clearly so.

No doubt I'll soon be hearing his slimy "Head Boy" voice again, as he announces the curtailment of the HS2 link from Birmingham to Manchester (not that I'm that bothered if the other end of the line doesn't even make it to Euston).

Thank God these Tories didn't build the Channel Tunnel - it would have started in Calais and ended a mile out to sea from Dover.

I'm simply reminded of the John Major final days as Prime Minister, a 1997 Conservative Government that was so out of touch and out of ideas that the prospect of the Blair-Brown alternative was attractive.

Starmer-Rayner doesn't quite have the same "Things can only get better" feel - but the Tories are making such a bollocks of everything that the Labour Party actually has a chance.

Too late for any other unelected leaders at No. 10 - too late to make a positive difference.

So we all have to hang about in limbo until next Autumn and then make what will obviously be a choice between the incumbent Government promising not to ask us for any money for any investment whatsoever and the wolf in sheep's clothing of socialism.

We've seen it all before Mr. Sunak - you are neither old enough nor connected enough to know. I'm not stupid - I can see right through you.

As he approaches my city this weekend for his Party Conference (train or helicopter?) he can rest assured that he is not welcome.

What do us "ordinary people" do?

We just get up and go to work again every Monday morning, becoming our own beacons of light in the absence of any leadership from elsewhere.

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