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Here's a great story

I get a text message yesterday from 07770 555300 (no name) saying:

“I am under the impression that bankruptcy discharged or otherwise has a statistical chance of successful business practice pertinent to your blog”

Quite apart from the grammar not making sense – no other comment.

I text back asking the sender to identify themselves – no response.

I text back today – still no response.

I call the number from my land line and the phone is answered by a male in a bar.

Will not reveal his name so I ask him why he thinks its OK to express opinions without having the balls to back them up.

He tells me that he knows all about me and “what I’m trying to do in dentistry.”

I point out that my 1993 bankruptcy has always been a central theme of my introduction to audiences and the lessons I learned and which have served me well and ask why he feels it is relevant to send me his text.

The caller seems oblivious to other people in UK dentistry who have gone on to achieve great success after bankruptcy – household names in the profession.

In spite of my further request – no name is forthcoming – he eventually hangs up on me after telling me that he knows my game and that I only talk to people who pay me.

One of the pitfalls of a high profile – nameless nobodies who contribute nothing – such behaviour usually indicative of severe low self-esteem problems.

If anybody recognises the number – please treat this guy to some therapy. He needs it.

If you are reading my blog – get some cajones and a life mate.

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