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Have you ever wished you had all the time in the world?

I want to thank Dr. Yasmin George for reminding me that we do.

The way we spend that time is our choice.

I've been married to my job since starting work at the age of 16 (that's in 1970, for those who are counting).

I'm in my 54th year of full-time employment, with not much in the way of days off for sickness or injury - and, of course, I'm still hard at it. I love it.

Yesterday, I recorded a "Two Reds" podcast with Ashley, who joined me and our guest Dr. Neil Cooper on Zoom from his Mississippi hotel room at 04:00 in the morning local time.

Ashley is married to the job as well.

However, both of us take plenty of time off.

I've got my standard 12 weeks a year of vacation (and have done since 1996).

Those following Ash will know that he is spending a lot more time walking and cycling, whether it's in The Lake District or Down Under, whether its with Grace or with his mates.

We've all got all the time in the world and we choose to spend most of it working and some of it at rest and play.

I was chatting to Yasmin last night , during a long-overdue catch up, about how I'm transitioning from the guilty parent (always at work) to the guilty grandparent (always at work) - and the steps I've previously taken and will continue to take to assuage that guilt.

Thank you again Yasmin, for sharing a comment from a friend of hers (which I paraphrase here):

"Every one of us has a certain number of heartbeats left.

We don't know how many.

So let's make the best use of them."

A simple but profound philosophy.

My heartbeats over the next 48 hours will largely be used in client workshops and another working dinner this evening.

My weekend heartbeats will be spent with Annie and with some of my children, their partners and our grandchildren.

I'm so looking forward to that.

Reasons to be cheerful this morning:

  1. You have a heartbeat!

  2. You get to choose.

Choose wisely.

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