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Hear how Dr. Gina Vega evolved from dentist to businesswoman

Gina Vega is the founder of the City of London practice Bishopsgate Dental Care – winners of the National Team of the Year Award in the The Dental Awards 2019.

Gina and her senior management team are clients in the 2019 Extreme Business Workshop Programme.

Here she spends just 60 seconds talking about how, since opening the practice in 2014, she has used business coaching as the means by which she surrounds herself with strong people to support her evolution from dentist to businesswoman.

Tickets are now on sale for the 2020 Extreme Business Workshop Programme – to learn more you can visit our extensive programme descriptions, register your interest or book a place.

Join a 22-year old global community of dentists who are growing their practices successfully with Extreme Business coaching.


For the UK (London, Bristol, Manchester and Central Scotland) – click HERE.

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For Singapore – click HERE.

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