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Guest article: Dentistry and Juice PLUS+… a proven connection!

by Barbara Thankappan (nee Trotter) What on earth is Juice PLUS+® , I hear you ask? Juice PLUS+® +® is made using the highest quality, fruits, vegetables, berries and other naturally sourced ingredients available and put into capsules, which ‘bridges the gap’ between what we should eat and what we actually do eat. What Juice PLUS+® +® is not. is a synthetic vitamin supplement, its real food, grown in the Californian & Hawaiian sunshine, picked when ripe, washed, juiced and dried at a very low temperature to preserve phytonutrients; its then flown to Switzerland and encapsulated under strict pharmaceutical conditions before distribution. All ingredients of the Juice PLUS+® +® product range are natural and gluten-free. They contain no genetically modified organisms, herbicides, pesticides, nitrates or artificial preservatives. They contain only natural flavourings and colourings. The whole process adheres to strict control and regulations. The Word Health Organisation said we should consume 5 portions of fruit & veg each and every day – they are now saying this should be between 9 – 17 each and every day; 17 being for an athlete/sports people. How many people can put ‘hand on heart’ and say they do that, each and every day? And a plate of chips covered in salt & tomato ketchup doesn’t qualify as one portion!! Our lives are so busy, convenience take-away food is too easy and good fresh food needs time to prepare and cook and sometimes it’s the last thing we feel like doing at the end of a stressful day or week! Where’s the science, I hear you ask! Professor Iain Chapple (Birmingham University) is currently on tour presenting his findings, after a 4 year study with Juice PLUS+® and the effects on gum disease. Dentists noticed that patients who took Juice PLUS+®had much healthier gums. To date the company has invested more than $10 million to ensure that independent, primary research is conducted by leading researchers in their fields at highly respected hospitals and universities around the world. There are over 20 studies, gold standard, double blind, placebo and published in Scientific Journals and peer reviews. There are additional trials ongoing. Juice PLUS+® is:

  1. bioavailable, it delivers key phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body

  2. helps reduce oxidative stress

  3. helps support a healthy immune system

  4. helps maintain DNA integrity

  5. positively impacts several key indicators of cardiovascular health (homocysteine levels are reduced and the elasticity of arteries maintained, even after a high fat meal)

  6. positively influences several markers of systemic inflammation.

A study published in Current Therapeutic Research 1996, 57(6): 445-461 shows that within one week of consuming two fruit capsules and two vegetable capsules, there was an increase of antioxidants in the following percentages: beta-carotene +510%; alpha-carotene +119% ; lutein/zeaxanthin +44%; lycopene +2046%; alpha-tocopherol +58%. The presence of lipid peroxides, which are oxidising substances, also drops by 75% Vineyard Blend – 9 berries has since been added to the range together with Complete a pre/post workout drink, low GI, which can also be used as a meal replacement or for old people who lose their appetites or find it hard to eat after surgery etc.. It also makes a great ‘on-the-go’ breakfast! Recent research on the effects of Juice PLUS+® on skin is just out and very exciting; if you are a dental practice doing facial aesthetics, or just want better skin, take a look at Dr Mitra Ray, a bio-chemist, on YouTube, Take a look at: – and see all the research. – top athletes and sports people take Juice PLUS+® and it has passed doping tests by the Dutch Doping Authority. Bear Grylls has taken it since he was a teenager in addition to all the bugs, spiders and snakes he consumes!! There is also a great Children’s Health Study, approx 500,000 kids across the globe are on the programme. If a parent/relative signs up for a year, the child gets it FREE – how many companies out there do that?! Take a look at NSA the company behind Juice PLUS+® are sponsoring the Swiss, German, Austrian Olympic Teams and also the French National Skiing Team. The CACE (Centre of Advanced Cancer Education, which is 30 years old) only endorses two products: Juice PLUS+® and a flaxseed product. The American Government are funding research into Juice PLUS+® specifically looking at head and neck cancer survivors. Juice PLUS+® is not a magic pill and not a substitute for good quality food, it simply ‘bridges the gap’, but the research is impressive. Of course, we still need all the other aspects, such as regular exercise, water, sleep, less stress and good relationships to achieve the balance required for a happy and healthy life, but it starts with good nutrition. I’m passionate about Juice PLUS+® , have taken it for over 3 years and know the benefits I have received; I now sell the products and want to tell the world, you can improve your health! 90% of our bodies are replaced every 12 months and I don’t know about you, but I want the ‘replaced bits’ to stay healthy, and do everything in my power to ensure I maintain that level throughout my life! In fact, I want to die healthy!! If you haven’t got your health, the rest of your life can be a real challenge & very frustrating and unhappy….. I’d love to hear from you! If you would like to try Juice PLUS+® or think you would like to offer it to your patients please get in touch. Barbara Tel: 01404 823267 Mobile: 07870 678779 or email:

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