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Great dental web sites

Although I’ve spoken and written about this before – it keeps coming up – clearly there are plenty of dentists reviewing their on-line presence at the moment (and they need to). So – for the record: Step 1 — can if find you? 1. Google search engine optimisation 2. Google sponsored links Step 2 — do I like what I see when I get there? 3. Profile — a clear indication of the type of patient you are looking to recruit — am I in the right place here? 4. People — a piccie and explanation of your team members — will they be able to look after me in the style I desire? 5. Premises — do the exterior and interior of the building suit my style and budget? 6. Promises — all the Paddi stuff on customer service 7. Prices — a guide that confirms you as reassuringly expensive 8. Products — all that teeth and gums gibberish — not so relevant to patients but a big hit for referring dentists. and here is a link to the finalists in the Private Dentistry finalists list: Click here

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