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Great communication

Good communication within a team is essential to building and maintaining positive working relationships and also key in managing the performance of your team. In the 21st Century dental practice we can now communication using email, social media, phone, text, google hangout to name a few, but what about good old fashioned one to one conversation? Face to face communication is still a very important part of managing effective team relationships. It takes in to account vocal pitch / tone, body language and how we USE words. Have you ever sent an email where the message was completely lost in translation? Did this result in misunderstanding and uncertainty? At worst, did you cause offence? one to one conversation enables clarity as it allows you to be open, transparent and honest in a manner that will encourage growth within your team and not damage someones confidence. In dental practice, the principal and/or manager must ensure the following forms of communication are in place: • Daily team huddles • Weekly Personal Performance Interviews • Monthly management meetings • Monthly team meetings/team builds Consistent and open communication will create improved commitment and job satisfaction through the exchange of ideas, discussion and honest feedback.

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