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My working week begins with an 06:00 Zoom call to a distressed client who emailed me last night to ask for help and advice.

Her practice provides NHS dentistry to over 9,000 adults and children and, on Saturday night, the front of the building was vandalised with Graffiti.

The "good news" is that it wasn't racist, nor did it include profanity - in fact no language - just red paint all over the place.

However, my client is predictably upset and we discussed how best to deal with this morning - in a few hours both team and patients will be arriving to see the damage.

During our call this morning we worked on her response:

  1. We have to feel sorry for the person who has done this - sympathetic to an individual who feels that they have to express their feelings in this way;

  2. We have to contextualise the problem - well over 100 positive Google Reviews, a long history of service to thousands in the community;

  3. We have to reassure the team that their safety is not in doubt and that they should be proud of what they are doing;

  4. She has to get her "game face" on this morning and show leadership - no "victim" please.

The pandemic continues to challenge us all in ways that we could not have imagined 20 months ago.

Welcome to another week.

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