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Golden handcuffs - a quick story about a local Italian restaurant

One of our best local restaurants is Cibo, Hale - where Annie and I celebrated her birthday on 31st December and we enjoyed the Extreme Business Christmas dinner last Friday night.

Whilst we were there, Rachel shared with me an Instagram post showing 5 Audis parked opposite and which were gifted to their senior team players in a pre-Christmas gesture of thanks that has gone viral around the village.

A closer look at the post here: will reveal that each car had a poster on the bonnet with the logo of the business and the name of the employee.

As you would expect, there are some pithy comments on the post, from those admiring the enlightened gesture, some asking if there are any jobs available and, inevitably, a few sour grapes about less generous employers.

All in all, this strikes me as an act of genius on many levels. A message:

  • to everyone that they are great bosses (please note Mark Topley);

  • to the team that hard work and loyalty generate rewards;

  • to the community that if they eat there they are supporting a good business.

And, of course, a pretty effective set of golden handcuffs in a landscape in which good people are being poached with sign on fees and pay rises.

Very clever.

If you work in a dental practice, please don't share this with your boss and ask where the Audi is - it's the principle that I'm illustrating.

If you own a dental practice, take a moment to think how well protected your best team players are from headhunters.

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