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Please forgive the absence of blog posts. Its just one of those mental weeks where I am emailing from 6.00am to 7.30pm, presenting from 9.00am to 5.00pm, travelling to the next location in the evening – bar snack at 9.00pm, bed at 10.00pm. Crazy weeks where there is no business development time, no thinking time, no planning time – and almost no personal time – just books read on flights, on trains and a couple of pages before lights out, after falling asleep with my reading glasses on. This week includes Manchester, Belfast, Manchester, Stoke, Gatwick, Worthing – and back to Cornwall late Friday. Balance – what’s balance? It’s a temporary thing – just one of those weeks that comes along every now and then because the diary happens that way. I’m running on adrenalin and client enthusiasm – falling steadily behind with my emails and a stranger to my business partners and support team. The good news is that meeting our clients and prospective clients is so much fun. Yesterday in Belfast we listened as a principal shared his journey of the last 9 months with us – from tired and frightened owner of an NHS practice to a private conversion with Isoplan that has exceeded everyone’s expectations. This coming weekend he is taking his team to Northern Ireland’s top hotel and spa for a pamper trip – as a thank you for all their efforts. He has his life back – his team are super-keen and everyone has a future. We at The Dental Business School were part of that process – and that floats my boat. When clients say a genuine “thank you” for the difference you have made – those are the best moments.

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