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Getting ready for workshops

One of the advantages of focusing on my core programme for the last 8 years is that quarterly workshop preparation can be a fun experience. About 6 weeks before each workshop month begins I pull up the trusty old PowerPoint slides that have served me so well over the years and then: 1. change the slide design for no other reason that to entertain myself – for a few years now I have subscribed to and find their service invaluable; 2. change some of the graphics for the same reason; 3. change a little of the content, to reflect what I have learned since the last time I presented on the chosen subjects. That all means that a full-day presentation can be polished and ready in about 2 hours – then loaded onto our intranet so that members of Team CB (Barbara in this case) can begin the process of workbook preparation with plenty of spare time. The whole process gets me “in the groove” as far as the workshops are concerned – so now I’m really looking forward to my October tour and presenting my thoughts on marketing.

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