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Getting organised

Back in Cornwall this morning for the first time in 8 days – why is it that the mail just accumulates and we have to invest (in my case) 90/120 minutes in just getting organised? I have to admit to obsessiveness in this department – I walked into my home office last night to find a pile of unopened envelopes, jiffy bags containing ordered books and spare parts for my garden strimmer (!), a box full of old bits of Dental Business School technology and papers (delivered whilst I was away by Bonnie), subscription magazines and computer disks. All of this to add to the paperwork and technology and “stuff” that came back with me. My desk looked as if I had been away for months, not days. I have a routine:

  1. open all envelopes, throw envelopes away, make a pile of paper;

  2. place each individual item of mail into it’s own clear plastic folder (oh – I love clear plastic folders);

  3. add each task to my “to do” list;

  4. prioritise the list – A+ (must be done today), A (must be done very soon), B (can be done when ready), C (when I have everything else done);

  5. clear away books, magazines and other stuff into appropriate places.

I would rather invest a couple of hours in this process at the start of two desk days.

Last night my desk was a disaster area – now, at 7.30am, it is neat and tidy and my work is ready to start.

As soon as I’ve finished this post, it will be a shower and dressed, breakfast and then back here to start “doing things”.


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