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Getting Barrowed-Up


The purpose of this post is to give you advanced notification of a change in the branding of 7connections and Coach Barrow from 1st September 2016.

7connections is 3.5 years old now and, although in the early stages it was supported primarily by the efforts of our two business coaches myself and Tim Caudrelier, it was always our intention that the business would become a digital marketing agency, providing a portfolio of support services to clients, ranging from simple digital marketing products to full-service agency.

During that time, we have seen the business evolve and have witnessed a change of location to our London offices, where Annie Gladwell now manages a growing team of experts.

We have also started the evolution of products and services to other vertical markets outside of dentistry.

As the face of Coach Barrow, I have been very happy to operate under the 7connections brand during this founding period but it is now time for that brand to float free from 7connections, so that the market can see that we offer two very distinct services.

I want to emphasise that this is not a “split” or parting of the ways – where relevant, I will still regularly introduce clients to the services that 7connections offer.

However, I have wanted for some time to re-establish the Coach Barrow brand as a recognisable service within dentistry and so, by mutual agreement, we will separate the two brands and allow each to develop and grow.

We will be contacting our existing coaching clients over the weeks ahead to change contract and payment details for my coaching clients but, other than that, Phillippa Goodwin and I will be providing “business as usual”.

I’m delighted that our friends at Dental Focus are busy building a new Coach Barrow web site and that I’ll be bringing an old friend, Kimberley Black, back into Team CB for IT support.

The two businesses will operate side by side in dentistry and I expect there to be plenty of dialogue between us, not the least of which will be me keeping up with developments in the digital marketing landscape.

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