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Getting back to normal

I say normal – but for me , normal is sitting in a hotel on the West Coast of Ireland, waiting for a naked burger before I hit the sack.

Although this hotel, The Ice House, Ballina, has been exceptional in every department – location, customer service, environment, facilities – mark your card for a long weekend here and enjoy the magnificent views from every room (across the River Moy) and the outstanding spa.

After a day of travel, business coaching and some early evening emails, I have just enjoyed the biggest, hottest, steam room of my life, followed by a star-lit hot tub and relaxation in the night air by the river. I feel as if I’ve had a week off work this evening.

Normal – is a road warrior.

Normal – is solving problems for clients, whether its a business turnaround, a business start-up or a business that has hit a glass ceiling.

Normal – is listening carefully to the situation, asking permission to ignore how people feel about the situation – and then proposing elegant solutions that seem obvious when common sense replaces emotion.

Normal – is growing my own successful business with a hugely talented team of dedicated fanatics who are a “tribe with a cause” (as Seth Godin would say).

Normal is the absence of ego, micro-management, scarcity and fear.

Normal is only having to be right 80% of the time.

Normal is loving what I do, when I do it and who I do it with.

Normal is surrounded by friends.

It really is so good to be getting back to normal.

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