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Gestalt marketing

A frog will not eat, even if surrounded by food.

That’s because the frog has evolved to “strike” whenever it sees something small enough to be an insect, that moves like an insect.

The frog is easily fooled by size and movement, starved by the lack of the same.

You and I have the same basic retina structure but we take in the totality of what we see around us – and make decisions based on that totality.

In fact, even when we stare at a still object, our retinas are moving imperceptibly, to ensure that we are able to understand the context of what we see.

We are gestalt.

It is much the same in marketing.

People email me, asking:

“we have been offered a quarter page in the School Christmas panto magazine?”

“we have been offered a deal on”

“my website people want to do my SEO?”

My reply is to ask how these activities fit into your overall marketing strategy for the year?

Most often the blank look indicates the absence of an annual strategy.

That’s why you need a MAP – a gestalt marketing action plan – for 2016 – and why you should be holding the meetings to create that MAP now.

I’m giving you a draft MAP with this blog post – free and gratis.

Email me if you need help with it.

Don’t starve when there are endless patients around you but you cannot see them because they are not the right size and not moving.

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