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Friday riff

1. Delighted to make the front page of Dental Tribune UK with the second of a series of articles on business development - this one focusing on marketing (share it with your marketing/TCO team members):

2. I could not be more excited after our first (Belfast) workshop, hosting Cat Edney on "The Modern Dental Therapist" - feedback from one attendee ""Cat has lit a fire under my team that I've been trying to get started for 4 years." Roll on London next week and the rest of the tour.

3. A good start to registrations for a new webinar with Sarah Buxton on "Building Better Team Relationships" - Monday 22nd May at 19:00 - if you and your managers want some great ideas on building ideal teams, read more HERE.

4. A fantastic week of Zoom calls, practice visits, Study Clubs and client workshops. Today I'll be with 15 Owners in Belfast, discussing their strategy and tactics for the next 90 days.

5. One final story, about a client who called me at the start of April in a real panic because projected sales were way below operating costs - and who has focused, focused and focused on hard work and ethical selling.

We broke the problem down in to daily sales targets and worked with her management team on internal marketing, diary management and zoning.

When I did finally finish at 21:00 last night, there was a message waiting for me that she had achieved and surpassed what seemed like an impossible target at the start of the month. Her resilience and determination to "get the job done" have been an inspiration.

You know who you are - well done.

Now do it again.

It's Friday and we have an extended weekend - get some rest everyone - it's May on Monday!

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