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Four-handed dentistry

I really don’t understand dentists sometimes. I first saw Martyn Amsel show me the “dance” at the Adec offices about 10 days ago. Having never seen Four-Handed Dentistry (FHD), I was simply amazed. How logical. How effective. How productive. How simple. How impressive…. …is that? Then I arrived home to tell Annie all about my new discovery that was going to change the face of UK dentistry. And with her usual “tough love” and look of adoring pity, she explained that she was trained as a dental nurse to do that in 1986. I continued to ask my clients. Either the dentists or the senior nurses told me that they knew all about FHD. Chatting to Ellis Paul the other day, he explained that he was running FHD courses with his wife years ago. So my question….. Why the devil am I not seeing this everywhere I go? It takes 4-hours to learn how to do this on Martyn and Sally’s training course. CLICK HERE 4 hours to avoid a lifetime of back-ache. 4 hours to positively differentiate yourself in a competitive market. 4 hours to delight your patients. 4 hours to increase your production (I’ve seen Martyn’s numbers and he breezes along at almost TWICE the productivity of the average GDP). And then the twist (in the plot – not the dance)……. At the Showcase he is switching between 2 Adec chairs. 4 hours to discover a way to increase the production of your team – associates and (from next year) therapists. If I were a panelist on Dragon’s Den – I’d be right in there. Come and see the show – on the hour, every hour – and if you don’t see the Show – we’ll get the video out ASAP. Of course, I can hear you thinking – “I already know this” – but are you doing anything about it?

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