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First day back

I've written about this before.

First day back after 2 weeks cycling in Scotland and an absolutely rubbish sleep last night.

Not helped by the temperature after yesterday evening's thunderstorms - but even so, I woke numerous times during the night and could not get myself properly rested.

Nowadays, my Whoop tells me just exactly how poor my sleep was; 4 :29 of sleep, of which 1:30 were restorative.

And now, time to crank up the engine again:

  • Rejoin the 05:00 am Club - cue alarm;

  • Restart my intermittent fasting (I eat "everything" whilst cycling and only added a couple of pounds but waving goodbye to the Full Scottish breakfasts will take some effort) - cue BodyFast;

  • Back off the booze (well, you have to have a pint of lager or two when you've cycled 50+ miles in over 30 degree heat) - cue Try Dry;

  • Return to clean living and a focus on Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Fun - cue Whoop and Wattbike.

Then there is the work.

Emails, Trackers, Tasks, Projects, Zoom calls, Webinars, Meetings.

Interesting that this morning's Daily Stoic reading is about avoiding worrying about the big picture (OMG look at my list) and just making a start, one step at a time.

  • Make a list

  • A, B, C the list;

  • Do the A's first.

Here we go again.

Early night tonight.

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