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Finding the marriage between drive and love

There’s something about running your own small business.

To quote my friend and client Dapo Olotu, founder of Dental 397 in Exeter:

finding the marriage between drive and love

We love our family and friends, our team and patients – most of the time.

We are driven by the responsibilities of our business.


  1. to get up again, even though the alarm comes far too early;

  2. to start again, every time the best-laid plans collapse and the best teams disperse;

  3. to perform again, day after day – lights, action, camera – it’s showtime!

  4. to continually learn – to stay (at least) abreast and (preferably) ahead of the game;

  5. to meet those deadlines – even though body, brain and soul are crying out for rest;

  6. to listen and solve everybody else’s problems – even though we are aching to solve our own;

  7. to be brave – even though we are afraid, to inspire those around us to be not afraid;

  8. to cry alone – although those we serve cry when they are with us.

Driven, driven, driven.

We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Its how we define ourselves.

Loving is easy.

Being driven comes naturally to us.

Finding the marriage between drive and love is our greatest achievement.

Here’s the best day……

The day when a spouse or child says “I love you” and a patient/client or team member says “thank you”.

That’s how you know whether you are successful.

Be driven today – and don’t forget to love.

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