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FAQs and their answers

Q: “I suppose I’m paying for all this new decoration and branding?”

A: “Yes, you are – and we are very proud of what we are doing to improve the practice – thank you.”

Q: “Are you taking on NHS patients?”

A: “We do not currently have any availability of NHS treatment (other than for children) but we do have a full range of very affordable services – what exactly are you looking for?”

Q: “Are we getting a pay rise in January – there has been nothing for 2 years now?”

A: “No – but we are taking steps to protect everybodies job in 2012.”

Q: “Do I really have to come to team meetings – I’m self-employed?”

A – “No you don’t – but if we have to downsize the business we’ll be keeping those who do attend first.”

Q: “What’s the benefit to me of becoming a member of the practice?”

A: “The first and most obvious is that you will qualify for our member’s price list – non-members will pay 20% more.”

Q: “Do I really have to get involved in all this Facebook, Twitter and social media stuff – does it really get new patients?”

A: “There is plenty of evidence now that social media marketing works – but you are free to opt out.”

Q: “Where do new patients come from mainly?”

A: “A third word of mouth, a third web and social media, a third signage, B2B networking and focused direct marketing.”

Q: “Chris – how do I motivate my team to perform?”

A: “Be a better leader.”

Q: “Chris, why do you think that Tesco and Sainsbury’s will make a success of dentistry when Boots failed?”

A: “Get your facts right – Boots didn’t fail.”

Q: “Chris – are you optimistic about the future of the independent private practitioner?”

A: “Never been more so – market set to grow to £8bn in the next few years, fewer practices sharing more business, a discerning customer group who want a concierge class service, more innovation in products every day. That’s why I’m busy establishing lines of credit to start purchasing shares in private practices starting next year.”

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