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Fancy going for a walk?

Here at Extreme Business, we are delighted to be supporting The Mouth Cancer Foundation.

Below, I share with you the initial promotion for this year's big walk - there will be more from us over the weeks ahead as to how we intend to support the walk and raise funds.

Perhaps you would like to share this idea with your team as a morale building and CSR exercise for all-comers - great for team spirit, great for PR and all in a very good cause.

The following message is from Georgia Gough at The Mouth Cancer Foundation:

There is just one month to go until the start of the 16th annual Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk, which runs between Friday 1st October and Tuesday 30th November 2021. In order to attract busy dental and medical professions we are holding the walk throughout Mouth Cancer Action Month.

Please shout about our walk, the only one for Mouth Cancer anywhere in the world, to as many people, friends, family, colleagues and encourage them to sign up to take part.

  • Create a route, around your local area, with a total distance of 10 KM. This could be any combination such as 1 x 10 KM, 2 x 5 KM, 10 x 1 KM. The route can be done in one go, (10 KM is approximately 12500 steps and takes about one and a half to two hours to complete), or over several days.

Our mission is to save and improve lives. The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a charity dedicated to raising awareness and support for those suffering from or at risk of mouth cancer, throat cancer and other head and neck cancers, as well as providing assistance and information on living with mouth cancer for families, friends and carers. We rely solely on donations:

  • The highest fundraisers will receive a prize.

  • Once you have completed your walk email us so we can post out your medal. Please note we can only send out medals to people who have completed the registration form.

The walk is open to everyone, anywhere, including dogs/pets, of any age and ability. For full details visit

We look forward to you joining our walk!


Georgia Gough

Mouth Cancer Foundation

Head Office: 0208 940 5680, Helpline: 01924 950 950

Mouth Cancer Foundation, Larchfield Loft, 2 Larchfield Close, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9DD

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