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Experimentation versus contemplation

I’ve noticed a growing trend in questions from clients that has helped me to a clarifying revelation. The questions usually begin with a shopping list of options: 1. I could do this or 2. I could do that or 3. I could do nothing or 4. I could do something completely different and 5. I HAVE TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION So it occurred to me today that we do not have to make the right decision. We just have to make A decision to do something that gets us out of that proverbial front door that I keep going on about. I want to stop hearing clients tell me they have sat on their sofa, in their home office, in their tower block – contemplating the “right decision” and doing nothing. Scientific progress is made through experimentation – the 9,999 light bulbs that didn’t work. Artistic progress is made through experimentation – the canvases and manuscripts that were never finished or allowed into sunlight. Business progress is made through experimentation – through the experiences of events and relationships. If I had never experimented, I would either still be a bored financial planner or a coach who worked 40 hours a week flat out to support 30 clients with 1:1 phone calls (and was still bored). I experimented my way to the Coaching Gym, to leveraging my time, to working with dentists and coaches, to developing weekly work-out logs, call-in days, webinars and blogging. Tomorrow I begin experimenting with podcasting. I have no idea if it will work – don’t care – I’ll just try and see what happens. Stop contemplating and start experimenting.

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