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Energy at workshops

When the workshop room is a collection of bright faces, when the delegates participate with challenging questions, when they laugh at the jokes (and make some) and when they clearly “get it”, then my energy at the end of the day is higher than at the start – no matter how tired I am and how grueling the schedule. I am pleased to say that every workshop this week has felt like that – Edinburgh, Watford, Reading – all fantastic. This morning I am visiting a dental practice very close to my apartment in Manchester – the short drive will seem like a gift – and to see old friends who first became clients about 5 years ago and have transformed their business. We intend to review their patient journey procedures. Later this afternoon I will meet with my 13-year old daughter who is at school here in England and away from the family – and take her over to visit with my 77-year old mother, where no doubt we will listen to list of ailments but have some fun as well. A very welcome respite from the traveling before I visit Belfast on Friday for the last of this current series of dental workshops.

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